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We are suppliers of charcoal briquettes in Tokyo , please contact +6282 301 85 80 82 or email :

We are the company producing Charcoal Briquette, a leading barbeque charcoal briquettes manufacturer in in the beautiful port city of Tanjung Perak Port, Surabaya. We do not use trees to make charcoal, we collect wood waste from the nearby timber industries. Responsible Technology changes that wood waste into environment friendly, value added charcoal.

We welcome all inquiries from BBQ Charcoal Briquettes Buyers worldwide. Please email me, I am the CEO of Rise And Growth, Mr. Issa Ju :

We produce 2 types of barbeque charcoal briquettes: 1) Sawdust briquettes without binder and 2) Pillow shaped briquettes with binder.

Sawdust briquettes has packed in carton boxes and pillow shaped briquettes, packed in Kraft paper bags or sold in bulk. Currently, we export the sawdust briquettes to U.S.A., Japan, Korea and the Middle East. And we export the pillow shaped briquettes to U.S.A., Japan, France and Germany.

If you are interested in our products please contact +6282 301 85 80 82 or email: